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5 Reasons I Keep a Personal Journal

I keep a personal journal to…

  1. I keep a personal journal to remember. By writing down my experiences, it helps me remember them more clearly. I want to remember the little details I might otherwise forget. Additionally, I include my thoughts and how I felt at the time. I want to remember those happy joyful moments during the hard times. Also, I write about those harder experiences too, because, while they are often painful, I learn so much from them.
  2. Writing in my personal journal helps me see my challenges more clearly, so I am better able to work through them or deal with them. Writing the situation down helps me to see it from a different perspective, from a more distant perspective. I can better see the situation for itself, rather than my more instant reaction to the situation. To read more about how writing through challenges has benefited me CLICK HERE.
  3. I keep a personal journal to clear my mind. Sometimes my mind feels cluttered with thoughts: lists of things that I need or would like to do, also concerns or worries I currently have. Often, just the act of writing down what’s on my mind helps me to clear my mind. It renews a feeling of peace and helps me to let go of items that really don’t matter so much.
  4. Through keeping a personal journal, I can look back at my own life. I can see ways that I have changed. Also, I can more easily recognize patterns in my actions or thoughts. Looking back, I can see how I got from one point to another. Additionally, I better recognize how challenges I’ve experienced have helped me in my life.
  5. I keep a personal journal with the hopes that it will be of value to others, including my posterity. I write for me in the moment that I’m writing. My journals are kept private, other than select entrees that I don’t mind sharing; however, I do have my personal journals as a reference. I can read about how I felt as a child, teenager, or during milestones. There are experiences I can share with my children that do relate to them or a situation they’re facing. Also, I’ve been able to share experiences I had recorded with others, that I might have otherwise not recalled so clearly. Opportunities present themselves. I write my beliefs and my faith down as well. I do try to share that with my family outside of my personal journal; however, there is something more lasting about having it written down. To read more about how I share my journal with loved ones CLICK HERE.


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  • Jane

    Thanks Meagan. I am so glad that you have started this blog. I am terrible at keeping a journal. I start and then stop and then I start again. I am determined to keep going. I appreciate being able to come to your blog and get ideas and suggestions to keep me going. Baby steps right?

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