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Family Favorite Meals List

Creating Your Family Favorite Meals List

With a Family Favorite Meals list, putting a meal plan together that everyone (most of the family) enjoys is easier.

A Family Favorite Meals list is what it claims to be: a list of the family’s favorite meals.

Typically, I plan my family’s meals by the month. With my Family Favorite Meals list, I simply fill in a couple days each week with a meal from the list. Doing so saves time. Moreover, I know that most of the family, if not all, will enjoy the meal. Also, I keep ingredients on hand for many of the recipes, so when we encounter an unexpected plan change, or if I am behind on creating a plan, I can easily prepare a meal for the family. Knowing that I have a backup reduces meal time stress.

Creating Your Family Favorite Meals list is simple:

  1. First, ask each family member to write a list of 10 or more of their favorite meals. (I love that the entire family is involved in creating the list.) While you may, possibly, initial encounter some resistance, it might be helpful to point out that through participating, their favorite meals will be added to the list of meals that will be rotated).
    • In addition, I also asked for their favorites side dishes.
    • After their 10 meals, they could also include some of their favorite treats if they wanted to.
  2. Second, type or write the individual family members lists to a master Family Favorite Meals list.
    • You may want to display the completed Family Favorite Meals list, where your family can see it for a couple of weeks (I hung ours on the fridge). Having it visible, your family can add to the list if they notice a favorite meal is missing. (We had a rule that people could add to the list, but not cross anything off the list.)
  3. Lastly, Put your Family Favorite Meals list into use. Refer to the list as you plan your family’s meals.
Family Favorite Meals List
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