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Make a Leprechaun Trap

Start a New Saint Patrick’s Day Tradition

Making leprechaun traps has been a tradition starting in our home, since my oldest was a toddler. Originally, I had started the tradition with the intent to create a fun activity to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with our daughter (who was the only child at the time).

Original Leprechaun Trap

The trap was simple: a box with shamrock stickers and a ribbon. At the time, I had no idea this tradition would continue. Before bed, March 16, we set the leprechaun trap out. First thing in the morning I had her check the trap for a leprechaun. After checking the trap, my daughter found a small hidden gift (Leprechaun’s are tricky, so the gifts are always hidden).

My daughter and following children embraced the tradition. My oldest no longer shares the same enthusiasm as her younger siblings, but she’ll still participate with them- it’s one of our family’s traditions. Most every year since that time we’ve had a visit from a leprechaun. My kids are very good to remind me that we need to build a leprechaun trap before Saint Patrick’s Day.

Make a leprechaun trap tradition with your family:

  1. Plan for your trap and think of any items you might need for it. My older kids plan and make their own leprechaun traps. I provide them with materials: cups, boxes, stickers, paint, paper, glue, string, ribbon, blocks, gold coins, and any other materials they might want to use.Leprechaun Trap Supplies
  2. Construct the traps. While my older kids build the traps on their own, I’m available to answer any questions or help them if they would like help. Younger children will need more guidance. Personally, I prefer to keep it simple. I have them decorate a cup or box with stickers and maybe color or paint it. There are a lot of possibilities.Young Child Leprechaun Trap Creating Leprechaun Trap
  3. Set the trap out the night before Saint Patrick’s Day, March 16.
  4. After your kids wake up, have them first check to see if their trapped work. Our leprechaun often leaves the kids a note or some clues that they were there.
  5. Finally, the kids find a small gift the leprechaun hid, such as a: book, item of clothing, coloring supplies, jewelry, CD or iTunes card, or small toy for each child to find.

It’s become a tradition my children look forward to each year. It’s a fun start to our Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

Some of our leprechaun traps throughout the years:

Share a book that's centered around catching a leprechaun. My children and I have enjoyed reading these books together:

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