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Pass Journal Writing onto Your Kids with their First Journal

Why I Give My Children Their First Journal Before They Can Write and How I Use It:


If you have a young child or children in your home, it can be a great opportunity to start their first journal for them (it’s really for you too). This first journal does differ from other journals they may have later. First off, if they are very young, they don’t know how to write yet.

I give my children their first journal during their toddler years. This journal provides me with a space to write my favorite memories of them. I’m surprised by how fast little moments that don’t seem they’d be forgotten, often, do get forgotten.

How I use the journal?

I do most of the writing, I write:  

  • Stories about them that I don’t want to forget
  • Words or phrases they are using
  • What they’re like and their current interests (Also, if they’re old enough I can interview         them and write their answers down).
  • Additionally, it provides me with an opportunity to write what I love about them

Unlike my own personal journal, I don’t write as often in their journal as I write in my own. Not only does it provide me a space to write about their life, as they get a little older, they develop more of a desire to write (especially, as they see me writing). I’ll let them draw on a page or two. I want to encourage their enthusiasm to write, while, also, leaving more pages to write on.

Gradually, as they start learning to write, the journal eventually becomes more of theirs to write in. Also, I still write alongside them for a while, but it shifts more and more to their own personal journal.

While it is a great to have a record of them starting in their toddler years and I do suggest doing so, if possible. I realize that’s not possible for everyone. Start where you’re at. Write what you do remember.

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  • Brittney

    I love this! When I was younger, my mom was faithful at keeping a journal for us kids and she encouraged us to write every Sunday. I didn’t appreciate it until I was much older and I loved journaling in my teen years. I haven’t journaled much in recent years and I have missed it. Reading this post has motivated me to start back up again. Thank you!

  • Meagan Campbell

    Thank you Brittney! I’m so glad to hear you plan to return to journal writing! My first journal was very much the same- with my mom starting it for me at a young age. My appreciation for that has also increased over the years.

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