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Separating Easter from the Bunny

Creating a Christ Centered Easter

Why separate Easter from the Easter Bunny? My husband and I try to keep the focus of Easter less on the bunny and more Christ centered. While there are many great ideas for keeping a Christ centered Easter, one of my favorites is reserving Easter Sunday exclusively as a Christ centered day. Our family observes Christ centered Easter activities leading up to Easter Sunday; however, Easter Sunday is more greatly Christ centered. It has worked well for us. Separating the Easter bunny from Easter Sunday helps us center Easter more easily around Christ.

Full Disclosure: the Easter Bunny does visit our home; however, the Easter bunny comes a day earlier- the Saturday before Easter. Because of that, it is easy to shift the focus on Easter Sunday toward Christ. Doing so creates less distractions from focusing on Him. Additionally, it helps us create more of the reverent, reflective, Christ filled Easter that we want for our family. 

Easter eggs Christ

To help with those efforts, on Saturday, the kids egg hunt usually includes a small picture of Christ in the eggs. Additionally, there are often small items in their baskets to help remind them that Easter is about Christ. Ideas that have been included in the past are: Christ centered Easter books, stickers, small scripture figures, and religious themed puzzles. 

As mentioned above, there are many great ideas for creating a Christ centered Easter. These are a couple of the ideas we have incorporated that have helped us create the experience we want to have. As always find what works best for you and however you celebrate, I hope you create wonderful memories.


Here are some FREE Easter Journal Prompts:

Christ centered Easter

Christian Easter Eggs

These Christ centered Easter egg fillers are ready to print. They provide an easy and meaningful option for adding a focus on Christ in your Easter egg hunt. Click the image above to check them out.

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