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Moving Tips: Before and After a Move

Part 2 of 3 in a Moving Series

I’ve learned something new with each of our moves. As I write this I’m preparing for another move. I have some moving experience (This will be move 10 in our 16 years of marriage-ugghh!). Our family has always done our own moving, with the help of kind neighbors, friends, and family (when we have lived nearby).

Before the Move:

  1. Start packing early. Moving seems to have a habit of speeding up as the moving date approaches. Part 1 of this series is devoted to packing. Check it out here.
  2. Keep a “to do” list. Write your list down on paper or a digital device (I use my phone). I have a separate list of things to do that just relate to the move. Things I need to do to prepare the current home I’m in, things to do to prepare for the next home, and items I need to purchase in relation to the move.
  3. Create a meal plan. Include at least one week before and after the move in your meal plan. For meal planning ideas, check out my post, Meal Plan Ready. I don’t typically cook on the day of the move, but I like to prepare my meals the days surrounding the move- plan what works best for you and your family. Also, I try to keep it simple. I use my Family Favorite Meal’s list to help me fill in my meals. Find out more about it here. Also, after you’ve created a plan, prepare anything that needs to be prepared ahead of time. For instance, I’ve frozen soup I’m planning to throw in the Instant Pot during our move.Family Favorite Meals List
  4. Remember to change your address. While forwarding your mail does get most of your mail to your new location, it doesn’t change your address. After the forwarding period is over, if you haven’t changed your address, you might not get your mail. Look online or call any subscriptions you have to change them to your new address. Remember to change any memberships you belong to as well. Also, update your address on your driver’s license.
  5. Set aside a bag of anything you might need during the move. I have a bag set aside of anything I might need or want to locate soon after a move. Some of the things I’ve included in the past: bandages, ointment, pain relief medication, pen, pencil, marker, tape, glue, scissors, box cutter, screw driver, can opener, chargers, tape measurer, crayons or markers (so my kids have some if they need to color something for school), and my current journal.

After the Move:

  1. Unpack essentials first. If you have children, after the you have items unpacked you need to live, consider setting up the kids’ room(s).
  2. Clean. I’m mostly referring to the home your leaving, although cleaning the new home is something I do. This could come before or after the move and most likely both. It’s helped me to start a little earlier with deep cleaning my current home to where I don’t have as much to do after I’m packed up and ready for the move. I’ve moved where I cleaned everything before the move, and where I’ve gone back afterward to finish up, and even have hired someone else to clean. Find what works for you and your situation.
  3. Sort boxes into the correct rooms. Although I label my boxes with the room they belong to, they don’t all ever end up in the correct room. To me, the label is still worth it, because I can easily see where they do belong.

Bonus Tip for During the Move: Take pictures and write down your thoughts and experience of the move. What memories of past homes do you have? Write it down. 

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