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How writing personal challenges in my journal helps me

I think part of the reason I love my journals so much is because of the challenges I’ve written down, including many I’ve now worked through. Some challenges involve another person or people, or other outside influence, while others are more internal. With any challenge, I find writing about it in a journal is highly beneficial to me working through it.

How has writing my challenges down helped me?
  1. Writing a challenge, I’m currently experiencing, captures more details of the experience and more expression of my thoughts and feelings. As I read through my journal entries, the times I have written in the moment, rather than afterward, evoke more feelings and memories. Also, I recall the experience or situation in greater detail. (That being said, I’d rather have an experience written down after facing a challenge (especially ones that have had greater influence on my life) rather than not written down at all.)
  2. Writing down my challenges helps me remember that they were real and helps me recognize what I may have learned or retained from that experience. 
  3. Just the act of writing the challenge down helps me release some of it from my mind.
  4. Although I write from my own perspective, writing a challenge down allows me to see it from a new point of view. As I read over my entry, new thoughts and points of view often enter my mind. Also, most of my thoughts relating to the challenge are within my view. That allows me to see them more clearly and better understand where they come from. Additionally, if someone else is involved, if there’s been some disagreement or conflict, writing it down helps me to consider their point of view. I try to keep my entries focused on my own feelings or reactions rather than faults I might perceive in someone else (I don’t want to use my journal in that way).
  5. I can look back and read about past challenges and see how they have resolved. Remembering the challenges, I’ve worked through, reminds me that I have been able to overcome some challenges. Additionally, I can better recognize how a challenge might have helped me in my own personal growth or has strengthen my faith or understanding. Likewise, it provides me with hope for current and future challenges.

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Challenge: If it’s been a while since you’ve done so, take some time to read (or think over) past challenges. Consider writing your current (or past, if you haven’t done so) challenges down.
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