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Interview with my kids

What memories do you want to create this summer?

The past couple of summer’s I’ve planned themed days for summer vacation- it’s worked out really well! Last year our themed days were:

  • Movie Monday with Mom (I select a movie and add an activity, dinner, snack, or treat           that goes along with the movie and time spent chilling together.)
  • Thinking Tuesday (Where we learned something new or a new skill)
  • Water Wednesday (We go swimming at the lake or pool, or some kind of water sport,         or even visit a splash pad.)
  • Trip Thursday (We don’t take a trip every week, but Trip Thursday is when we might             visit a museum, park, library, or some other sort of outing.)
  • Fun Friday (Playing games together or doing an activity the kids choose.)

While preparing for Summer vacation and planning this year’s themes, I decided to get my kids input. I interviewed my two oldest kids. Although, they both agreed that one of their favorite memories was visiting a local amusement park, generally, it was the simple things that we’ve done over summer that stood out to them. For their anonymity they’ve chosen to go by “Teen” and “Buddy.”

Summer Vacation Interview:

What’s your favorite summer memory?

Teen: “My Birthday! Either our camping trip or when we went to the [Amusement Park] on my birthday!”

Buddy: “My favorite summer memory is when I went swimming- anytime we go swimming!”

What’s your favorite activity we’ve done over summer? What other activities do you remember?

Teen: “I like it when we get snow cones and go to the lake or pool. Movies with Mom– I love Movies with Mom! I, also, like to go to camp.”

Buddy: “Going to the Dinosaur Museum. Movies, art activities, baking.”

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Teen: “(smiling) No school! Sleeping in! Going swimming!”

Buddy: “Going on a trip, doing swimming lessons.”

What’s your favorite things you’ve learned over a past summer?

Teen: “How to decorate a cake.”

Buddy: “Baking!”

What’s something you’d like to learn?

Teen: “Photography- again, piano.”

Buddy: “Sew more, art.”

Do you like the classes I’ve taught over summer? Why or why not?

Teen: “Yes, because they’re fun and you get to learn stuff and they’re not super early in the morning.”

Buddy: “Yes! Because, they’re really fun and exciting!”

Do you like it when we do theme days? If yes, what do you like about them?

Teen: “Yes! I like them because you have an idea of what you’ll do, but at the same time you don’t know exactly what you’ll be doing.”

Buddy: “Yes! I like the different things to do.”

What themes would you like to do?

Teen: “Let’s do the same themes but add on art day.”

Buddy: “Movie with Mom, Water Wednesday.”

What’s the best part of summer?

Teen: “My Birthday! Obviously- There’s no better day!”

Buddy: “The best part of summer is that there’s no school.”

I also asked them if there was anything they’d like to do differently? They both agreed they liked things as they were.

My Conclusion:

After the interview, I decided to keep most of the themes the same. However, I plan to change Trip Thursday to Artistic Thursday. Keeping in mind that the kids enjoy Trip Thursday, I’m not getting rid of trips altogether. However, we don’t go on a weekly trip and I think it will be easy to work day trips into Fun Friday. Really, they can happen any day, but the kids seem to enjoy having an idea of what to expect. Having themed days gives me a good place to start.

What do you enjoy doing over summer?

What are some of your favorite summer memories?

If you’re interested in doing theme days, what kind of themes would your kids enjoy?

Keep summer memories:

  • record memories in             your journal
  • take photos
  • use your photos to             create a memory book       you can share with your      family. 
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