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Summer Learning Ideas

Ideas to get you Started

Planning some simple summer learning activities can create lasting memories. Find ideas that spark your children’s interest and utilize skills you have (or would like to grow). Moreover, you don’t need to be skilled in a subject to learn more about. I’ve included a list of possible ideas. Starting with, some of our past planned learning activities. 

Past learning activities we’ve enjoyed:

Art: I started with basics of art. We did a few separate lessons, including: the color wheel, shading, texture, line, space, perspective. My kids really enjoy art lessons and so this summer we’ll have a day dedicated to art. We may go over some basics again, but I plan to focus more on different artists and styles of art.  There are many free resources to teach kids about art. 

summer learning children painting

Here are a few free resources for introducing kids to art:

  1. The Kitchen Table Classroom offers a free printable book of the elements of art.
  2. Homeschool Hideout shares 12 YouTube channels that teach art lessons. 
  3. Teach Beside Me lists 100 art projects inspired by famous artists.

summer learning child taking photo

Photography: My kids used smart phones as well as my camera for our lessons. We talked about and they practiced taking pictures of different angles, the rule of thirds, checking the background, lining up their photos. Importantly, I kept lessons simple.

Here are some free resources to teach kids about photography:

  1. Click it up a Notch breaks down suggestions, to teach kids photography, within age group: for younger kids (ages 3-5) and older kids (ages 6-10). 
  2. Tots100 shares 10 activities to introduce photography to kids. 
  3. The Analytical Mommy provides several tips for teaching kids photography.
  4. Digital Photography School suggests 13 lessons to teach kids photography.

summer learning toddler by cupcakes

Cake Decorating: This idea stemmed from my daughter’s desire to learn more about cake decorating. We experimented with different decorating tips and a few basic techniques. Additionally, my kids practiced frosting cupcakes and cake. Definitely, it became a quick favorite for both kids (it did involve cake, so…). It’s usually easy to find volunteers to take some cake off your hands.

Here are some free resources for cake decorating (most are not directed toward kids in particular, but include basic techniques to help get you started):

  1. Your Cup of Cake shares simple piping tutorials, including how to fill a piping bag.
  2. Northern Nester provides 4 cute animal cupcake decorating ideas for kids.
  3. Sprinkle Bakes has a video demonstrating multiple piping techniques. 

Mini Lessons We’ve done:

summer learning child sewing

Sewing: Again, just the basics. My oldest already had some experience, but it gave her some good practice. They practiced threading the machine. Absolutely, they were excited about selecting their own fabric. We sewed napkins. Having a finished product seemed to give them a sense of accomplishment and it was an opportunity to learn and practice a skill. 

summer learning patriotism

Patriotism: I planned mini history lessons involving an activity. The lessons were brief, and I tried to build it around an activity that would engage them.

Other ideas:

summer learning building

  • Building: My son found a birdhouse building kit in our storage room. He took to building it nearly completely on his own. I might consider including more basic building activities and could plan a little bit more of lesson in the future.
  • Science Experiments
  • Music lessons: Instrumental, Vocal, Rhythm
  • Physical Activities such as: Sports, Yoga, Dance,
  • Creative Writing or Poetry
  • Film making
  • Interior Design
  • Cooking or Baking
  • Computer Programming

Have fun exploring ideas!

What other ideas have you tried or would like to try?

Here are some additional resources for art and cake decorating:
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