Tips for Moving with Kids
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Moving with Kids

Part 3 of 3 in a Moving Series

Regardless of whether the kids are excited about the move or not, it’s a big change for them. Planning and preparing can go a long way to help the kids with the transition.  I’ve moved with a variety of ages of children over the years of our moves. I’ve had an infant for couple of moves. I understand many of the challenges that come alongside moving with kids.

Before and During the Move

  1. First, this is probably a given, but talk with your kids about the move. Let them know what to expect. Also, share with them things they have to look forward to. Each move is different, as is each location, maybe it’s something exciting about the house, like picking out a color of paint for their room, or maybe something exciting about the location, like being near a playground.
  2. As you pack, know where your kids’ favorite belongings are or belongings they’ll need or want soon after the move. If your kids are school age and moving during the school year, think of any school supplies they might need after the move, including any documents you may need for them in changing schools.
  3. Involve the kids in packing. If they want to pack or help pack their belongings or other items your OK with them packing than let them. Also, you can let them draw on the boxes. My youngest is too young to pack much and doesn’t express much interest, but he loves coloring on the boxes. If he starts to express more interest, I might ask him to put some of his toys in a box. Additionally, I pack some smaller boxes that are light enough for the kids to help move, as they are often eager to help on moving day. For more packing tips check out my post on packing.Kids helping with move
  4. Leave out a favorite belonging to make the move with them, or a small bag for the move of a few of their favorite items or items that may help entertain them during the move.

After the Move

  1. After unpacking necessities, consider making unpacking and setting your kids rooms up as a priority. Setting the kids rooms up not only gives them a safe area in the house to play, it also seems to help provide them with some familiarity and comfort being in new surroundings.
  2. Taking a small break from unpacking and setting up the new home and spend some time with your kids. Not only can it be rejuvenating for you, it gives the kids a moment of your attention and some time to connect with you. Even just a short break to sit and read a book together, talk, go on a walk, or play with them for a moment is often renewing for everyone involved.
  3. If you’re kids are school age and you’re changing schools during the school year treat their first day in their new school like another first day of school. Take a photo of them. Celebrate their first day of school in their new school.

Bonus Tip for the Move: Throughout the moving process take pictures and write down your thoughts and experience of the move. Share your pictures of the move with your kids and tell them stories of the homes you’ve lived in as a family and record their stories.

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