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When I first saw the idea of a wide margin scripture journal, I thought it was a clever idea. Having my notes on the side of the scripture verses appeals to me. After creating my own journal and using it for a while, I have found it helpful in my personal scripture studies.

3 ways a wide margin scripture journal has helped me in my scripture studies:
  1. Using the journal helps me slow down and take more time to ponder the few verses on the page. For instance, it allows space for me to define words helping me gain a clearer understanding of them and how they relate to what I’m reading. Additionally, I write my personal insights and questions I have. Also, I cross reference other scriptures that are similar, or that I find relate to each other.
  2. Next, it helps me visually break the verses down. I highlight different thoughts or subjects within the verse(s) in different colors. Along with highlighting, I’ve assigned a few specific colors to the Godhead, people, and places.
  3. Also, I have room to color a simple drawing or quote that stands out to me. Admittedly, I keep this simple and I don’t do this on every page. If an idea stands out to me, I emphasize it through simple lettering or a drawing. Doing so, makes it easier to find later.Wide Margin Scripture Journal
What I like about creating my own wide margin journal vs. purchasing one already made:
  1. I choose the amount of verses I want to have on each page (Easily my favorite benefit!). While I choose the verses, I don’t make any changes to the verses or skip any within the chapter. Also, I can choose where I want the break within the verses to be.
  2. It’s more cost effective. I use a notebook from the dollar store and print pages as I go.
  3. I can easily implement other study pages within the journal. For example, I use pages throughout the book to keep notes about God or a character study of a person. Additionally, I have kept notes on a specific topic that has stood out to me or that I am interested in studying. Plus, it’s easy to set aside as much or as little space for additional study, within my journal, as I would like to.
  4. Lastly, I can choose the location on the page for the verses. Typically, in a wide margin journal, verses would go in the middle of the page. Occasionally, I like to paste my verses on the side of the page for specific types of notes, such as a genealogy.

While I find creating my own wide margin scripture journal has added benefits, I’m not against purchasing one. The main idea is to find what works best for you in your personal scripture study. If you like the idea of creating your own CLICK HERE to read my post about how to create your own wide margin scripture journal. 

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