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Timeline of Your Life

Why & How to Create Your Personal Timeline

3 reasons why to create a personal timeline:
  1. A timeline provides an overall visual of your life.
  2. While adding events to your timeline, it may help you recall additional events, experiences, and stories.
  3. It can become a useful reference for recording events and memories of your life.
What you’ll need:

You only need a paper (Either a large piece of paper, or multiple papers) and pencil to get started. I have a FREE download link below for a timeline you can print, if you would like to use that. 

How to Create your personal timeline:
  1. Create a key that works for you. This is the key I came up with (it’s included on the FREE download)- feel free to use it:Key for Timeline
  2. Draw your timeline, beginning at your birth (or possibly before your birth, if you’d like to include parents marriage, or possibly an older sibling or siblings). Try to work your way up through your childhood to your current life, while leaving space for memories you might recall later. I have included some examples below using the download (the events are all fictional on these timelines):timeline example Timeline of Your Life Printable

Did you recall any forgotten stories? Places? Friends? Events? Past Challenges?

Ideas of how you might use your timeline:
  1. Writing your timeline down may be enough for you to do for now. Look over it. Are there any additional events or experiences that come to mind?
  2. Ready for more? Select a few experiences and record them in your journal. As you write, think about the details of the experience. Also, consider your thoughts and feelings you had during the experience you’re writing about.
  3. Use the timeline to help you as you compile your life story or even smaller stories of select experiences.
  4. Tell your story. Share your life with your family and friends. Share what you feel comfortable sharing.

FREE Timeline Download:

The downloads are pictured above in the examples (minus the writing). There are two separate downloads, so you can select the orientation you prefer. Other than their page orientation, they are the same. The downloads are for personal use only. 

CLICK HERE for the vertical timeline. 

CLICK HERE for the horizontal timeline. 

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  • Mark Root

    I like your simple approach, but I can tell I will need lots of erasing and editing. WOuld you recommend a decent app or on-line version which I can easily edit?

    • Meagan Campbell

      For me, I use this more for brainstorming. It helps me get started, but it’s not as good for capturing every detail. I haven’t put this in an App, but I think if I did I would probably use Trello. I use Trello for other lists and plans because I like that it’s easy to edit and move items around.

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