Kid's Perspective of Moving

Moving Interview

From a Kid’s Perspective

I interviewed my two oldest children (separately), to get their perspective’s on moving. While, every kid is different, and my children’s perspective’s will defer from that of other kids, in some ways they may be similar. Recently, posting about moving with kids, got me thinking it might be helpful to include my kid’s perspective’s. First, my oldest, whom I refer to as teen, can remember the past 4 moves well. Next, my second child, I refer to as buddy remembers the past 3 moves.

Within a couple weeks of our last move, I interviewed both of them. It should be noted, that our last move was local, which is a different transition than moving farther away, although they do recall farther moves. Thank you, to my kids, for being willing to answer my thoughts on moving

Moving Interview

What do you remember about our past moves?

Teen: Pretty much, what I remember about, kind of, every move, is leaving my friends and going in the moving truck, and more recently, helping watch my little brother, cleaning, and packing.

Buddy: It feels kind of weird to go to a different place than you’re used to.

What’s been the hardest part of moving to a new home for you?

Teen: Definetly, the hardest thing is going to a new school and having to meet new friends . . . and meeting new people in general.

Buddy: The hardest part is moving away from your friends.

What’s the best part of moving to a new home?

Teen: Every move I like to walk into the new house. Seeing the new house and reorganizing.

Buddy: It’s exciting to be in a new house.

Has anything ever surprised you about moving to a new home? If so, what?

Teen: Being surprised by all the high snow.

(Years ago, we moved, in winter, from a more mild winter climate, where we didn’t get much if any snow (I personally love that!), to where we had several inches of snow (which was exciting for our kids who hadn’t ever seen so much snow)

Buddy: We had a fireplace- that surprised me.

What’s been most helpful to you to prepare for a move?

Teen: Having time to know I’m moving

Buddy: Probably, talking about it.

Also, what’s helped you the most after a move?

Teen: Getting my stuff out.

Buddy: That I have my stuff out in my room.

What has been your favorite way to help with the move?

Teen: Watching my youngest brother, organizing, unpacking

Buddy: My favorite part about helping is to organize all my stuff in my room.

Lastly, what would you say to other kids who will be moving? What advice do you have?

Teen: Start packing right now.

Buddy: To think about how fun the move might be.

While transitions are challenging for most anyone, it helps me to remember that they don’t last forever and that good can often result from them. Keep a record of those times of transition. Thanks, again, to my children for going along with this. I’m thankful they are willing to share their perspectives. If your planning on a move, whenever that might be, check out my moving series and best of wishes!

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