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Journal Sharing?

3 Ways to share your personal journal

Journal sharing? Share your personal journal? Isn’t it “personal” for a reason?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Firstly, when I write in my personal journal it is for me.

Why share your personal journal?

Selectively sharing entries from your personal journal is a beneficial tool in sharing a piece of your story with someone else. In addition to what I show and how much of what I share, I’m selective in who I share part of my journal with and how I share it. 

How I share my journal:
  1. Relate Stories: While I can recall some stories without my journal, I find that through using my journal, I can:
    1. Refresh my memory of the story by looking it up.
    2. Share an entry of a story that is written in better detail than I can retell it.
    3. Find stories to relate that I may have otherwise forgotten.Diary
  1. “Mom Diaries”: A title I’ve deemed to entries I’ve selected and typed up into a booklet. These entries are typically taken from my journal entries of when I was around the child’s age of whom I’m sharing those entries with. I share most, but not all entries. Also, I’ve included photos from around that same time period of the journal entries.
  2. Share experiences: experiences can be stories, but not always, which is why they have their own section. Sometimes, they are more thoughts than relating a story. Occasionally, I have an opportunity to speak to a group or class. With my journal I can look up a particular experience and either insert parts of the entry or use it to aide me in sharing the experience.
What if you haven’t kept a journal?

Start where you are at now. Creating a timeline of your life, may help you recall more experiences and stories you can still write down. While writing in the moment is wonderful for capturing details and feeling, writing it down later is better than not having it written down at all. As you begin writing, through thinking over past experiences, you might even recall additional memories and details that you might not otherwise have remembered.   

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