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Ancestor Inspired Dinner (or Dessert)

Creating an ancestor inspired dinner (or dessert) is a fun and inclusive way to involve your family in their family history. What is an ancestor inspired dinner (or dessert)? It’s a planned dinner or dessert inspired by where your ancestor(s) lived, or maybe a recipe they used that was passed down (if you’re blessed to have one).

Creating Family History Dinner (or dessert) takes just a few simple steps:
  1. Select an ancestor (or ancestors) of yours to share.
  2. Next, look to see where that ancestor is from.
  3. Look up food ideas for that area.
  4. Afterwards, look up recipes that are inspired by the area. Most of the recipes I find are online; however, a local library might have some recipe books which could offer another inexpensive option. Personally, I’m not particular about getting an authentic recipe from and exact region. Also, I don’t worry about creating a recipe from the time period my ancestor lived during. It’s great if you can find a recipe that works, and you want to go that route. For me, I find trying to get too precise adds to my stress and complicates the evening. Honestly, my family does not care about having an authentic recipe from an exact location or time period. My goal is to create an inviting experience that helps my family connect with an ancestor. Keeping things simple keeps the experience more enjoyable for me and my family.
  5. Lastly, plan a date to hold your Family History Dinner and follow through with your plans. Prepare your dinner (or dessert) and share it with your family. Also, share a few details about the ancestor(s) or where he she (or they) lived.Places Ancestors Lived
Additional Ideas for your Family History Dinner:

Also, Family History Dinner (or dessert) pairs well with Mapping Family. Mapping Family is an additional idea I’ve share to help involve family’s in their family history. To read more about Mapping Family CLICK HERE. Typically, I combine the ideas and create an ancestor evening leading with a Family History Dinner (or dessert). Following full bellies, my family will relocate to the map and find where the ancestor(s) lived on the map. It’s another opportune time available to share that ancestor’s life.Family History Dinner

It should be noted, that when planning a Family History Dinner, find what works best for you and your family. For me, focusing on either a special dinner or dessert helps me to simplify planning and creating an ancestor inspired evening. That being said, if you want to do both, go for it. Make it your own.

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