Why & How to Create a School Year Theme for Your Family

School Year Theme

Why & How to Create a School Year Theme for Your Family

Why and how to create a school year theme for your family? First, why? Creating a family school year theme can help unite the family with a specific goal or focus for the school year. Additionally, it may encourage the kids in that goal or focus throughout the school year. The family has something common to remember and draw strength from. Also, with a united theme, the family can encourage each other in their efforts.

Second, How? Start with thinking over concerns or goals you have for your kids? Have there been any new transitions from last school year to this one? What focus do you want for your kids this coming school year? What focus would benefit them in school? With friends? At home? Thinking of your kids needs for the coming school year can help you narrow down a focus for your family. Start with a goal or direction you think would benefit your kids and family this coming year.

How I selected a direction for my family’s school year theme:

This year my children have experienced a change of location. While we moved locally, it’s still a big change and for one of my children it does mean a change of school. My focus this year is to support them with those transitions. I want to encourage them to have courage and perseverance, and to participate in new activities and to make new friends. As I’m thinking of possible theme’s, I’m keeping that focus in mind. Also, I wanted to note that my husband is involved during this entire process, we discuss ideas for possible focus together.

Selecting the theme that works best for your family:

Next, make a list of theme ideas that compliment your focus and goals for your family. Additionally, you might find inspiration from a quote or scripture. After you’ve created your list, select your favorite ideas. Finally, decide which theme reinforces your goal or focus the best. What theme might best support your family with your intended focus?

Why & How to Create a School Year Theme for Your Family

My school year theme:

After looking at my list of ideas, a couple themes stood out to me: one was a quote and the other a scripture. First, “Keep Moving Forward,” a Walt Disney quote. Second, “Be strong, and of a good courage,” which is taken from Deuteronomy 31:6. While I felt both fit well, I decided on the second one, the scripture from Deuteronomy 31:6. Maybe I’ll use the quote a different year (I do really like that one); however, the scripture conveyed more of what I thought might support my kids and family this year. Again, this is something I discuss with my husband throughout the process.

why & how to create a school year theme why & how to create a school year theme

Display your theme:

Lastly, display your theme. Type it up, write it out, or create it however it works for you. Display it where your family can see it every day and incorporate your theme into your family discussions. Find a time to introduce your theme to your family. During a family meeting or dinner might be a good time to present the new theme. We introduce our children to our theme during our back to school dinner. Also, I’ve included a FREE printable (below) for my school year theme- you’re welcome to use it as your own.

Why & How to Create a School Year Theme for Your Family

Both links contain all 6 design options including the option for the entire scripture verse. The only difference between the links is the format size. Print them out on legal size paper and if you desire they can be cut to fit and 8×10 or 5×7 frame.

FREE Printable Downloads for Deuteronomy 31:6 (my family's school year theme):

CLICK HERE for the “Be Strong and of a good courage” FREE Download in the 8×10 format.

CLICK HERE for the “Be Strong and of a good courage” FREE Download in the 5×7 format.

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