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Scripture journal study verse by verse is beneficial in concentrating your focus on only a few words and/or sentences at a time. Additionally, it provides opportunity for increased understanding that might otherwise be lost during a faster read. While it is a slower process, it provides time for reflection and comprehension.verse by verse scripture study

What is a verse by verse scripture journal?

It’s a journal where you study one verse at a time. You can study more than one verse a day, but you concentrate on only one verse at a time. Some options for this method include: Working your way through a book (or more) one verse at a time, studying by topic, or simply selecting favorite scriptures or scriptures you would like to study further.


  • binder or notebook (I prefer to use a mini binder with refillable paper– I like the size and I like the idea that I can add more reflections and insights to it later, simply by adding a page.)
  • Pen
  • Tabs (optional) (I don’t currently have tabs, but I plan to purchase some in the future. I think they’d be useful in dividing books or topics that fit within the same binder.)

verse by verse study supplies

Step-by-step guide to single verse scripture journal studying:

  1. Decide where to start. What do you want to study? Do you want to work your way through a book of scripture? What one do you want to start with? Or, do you have a specific verse in mind? Is there a topic you want to study further? Maybe creating a list of scriptures on the topic might help you to have as a reference before you begin.
  2. Starting with the first verse you’ve selected, write down the book, chapter, and verse number.
  3. Next, write the verse in your own words. As you write the verse down, it may help to keep in mind that this scripture journal is just for you. You’re writing your own understanding of the verse down.
  4. Lastly, write reflections and insights you might have regarding the verse. To help distinguish my thoughts and insights I use a backslash to set the section apart from the verse written out in my own words. This is an area I use to write down and questions I have, my own reflections, personal insights, and also where include definitions to words I’ve looked up, or quotes I find that relate, and sometimes personal experiences I can relate the verse to.verse by verse by book verse by verse by topic

This scripture journal method is helpful in being able to work small pockets of study in throughout the day. I like that it’s simple to break my study down. Also, I like the focus it provides me during my study. For another scripture journal study idea that been beneficial to my learning, check out my post on using a wide margin scripture journal

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