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Around the World Dinner

Family Dinners from Around the World

Gather as a family for dinner (or dessert) to enjoy a new cuisine from around the world. For myself, the main goals of an around the world dinner are to enjoy a family meal together (or dessert), open up a conversation, and possibly learn something new. Also, it’s a simple and inexpensive way to introduce the family to new food and possibly a new location.

What is an around the world dinner?

A dinner inspired around a specific cuisine, either a country, or possibly smaller (or larger) demographic, depending on your preference. 

World Globe

How to include an around the world themed family dinner into your dinner routine:

Include an around the world themed dinner as part of a special evening, some ideas include:

  • Simply, center a meal around a particular place you want to learn more about. Possibly, look up some information on the location.
  • Maybe, you recently (or not so recently) returned from a vacation- creating a meal around it might be a fun way to share that location.
  • Maybe you’ve lived somewhere else, creating a meal from there might be a fun way to introduce the family to that place and create an opportunity to share your memories. 
  • Incorporate it as part of a family history dinner (if applicable).

How often you want to include an around the world themed evening is up to you. Do what works best for you and your family. Typically, I don’t schedule a special dinner far in advance. If I’m thinking of planning one, I’ll schedule it in when I do my meal planning

For an idea of what this looks like check out my post 10 English Cuisine Ideas. Have fun creating memories with your family.

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