Around the World Dinner (or Dessert) Series
Around the Wold Dinners,  Family Time

10 English Cuisine Ideas

Around the World Dinner (or Dessert) Series

10 English cuisine ideas for an English dinner or dessert, as part of a series of around the world family meals. Share an English dinner (or dessert) with your family. For ideas of when you might plan an English family meal, check out my original post, Around the World Dinner (or Dessert). Definitely, my focus is on creating an experience as a whole rather than being exact with recipes from a specific location. I wan’t to reiterate that I’m not expert in around the world cuisine or English dining. Still, I have collected a list of English recipes and ideas our family uses either in a regular meal plan already, new recipes we’ve tried, as well as others we may try in the future. Also, this list is simply a few ideas to get started with- feel free to add ideas to your own list.

10 English Cuisine Ideas (in no particular order): 

  1. Toad in a Hole: Basically, it’s sausage baked in a Yorkshire pudding. Here’s some recipe link’s for Toad in a Hole.
  2. Traditional English Breakfast:
  3. English Crumpets: It might be fun to serve them with jam and tea (herbal tea or even juice). When my daughter was younger she loved when I got out my china tea set for a tea party (although there wasn’t usually tea present- occasionally herbal tea). She preferred juice.  Here  are  some  crumpet  recipes:
  4. Fish and Chips: 
  5. Banger’s and Mash: Sausages served over mashed potatoes. 
  6. Shepherd’s Pie or Cottage Pie: 
  7. Cornish Pasties:
  8. Trifle: Layers  of  cake  and  custard  (or  pudding).
  9. Banofee Pie: Graham cracker pie crust with bananas, dulce de leche, whip cream, and chocolate.
  10. Jam Tarts: 

Have fun sharing a new recipe with your family! 


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