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Create a Prayer Journal to Help Increase Intentional Prayer

Why create a prayer journal?

Keeping a prayer journal may help you to increase intentional prayer. Personally, using a prayer journal has helped me become more intentional by:

  • Firstly, writing down questions or concerns in prayer allows me to see them.
  • Second, and more importantly, I record answers to prayers and recognize blessings that have come through prayer. I’m more aware of the answers when I’m looking for them. Also, to help answers to prayers stand out in the journal, consider circling them or putting a star or something else that helps differentiate them by or around them. 
  • Additionally, writing down concerns or questions I have helps me to become more aware and purposeful. Doing so helps me be more thoughtful rather than praying so much from just routine. Intentional Prayer Journal

If becoming more intentional in prayer is a goal for you, a prayer journal may be worth considering. Create a journal that works well for you and what you want. For me, I simply write down concerns I have and questions I want to ask in prayer. I pray about them. I write down answers as they come, how I feel about those answers, and how they have blessed me. It’s worth noting, not every prayer is answered how I want it to be or in the timing I would like it to be answered– I’m still waiting on some. That being said, it is amazing how many prayers are answered that I could easily overlook if I hadn’t been paying attention to them. Intentional Gratitude in Prayer

Expressing gratitude is a beautiful part of prayer. While I do express gratitude in my prayer journal through answers and blessings I’ve recognized receiving through prayer, my focus is more on being intentional in prayer and recognizing those answers, blessings, and gratitude I feel toward them. It’s not where I, typically, keep a gratitude list. Although a gratitude journal could combine well with a prayer journal, for now, I have mine separate.

Challenge: If you’re thinking it may help you with your prayer goals, try a prayer journal out. Meanwhile, record your concerns, questions, and answers to prayer in your personal journal.  

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