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7 Faith Based Journal Ideas

Benefits from Keeping Faith Based Journals

Through keeping faith-based journals I have been benefited in increasing my understanding of the scriptures, growing in faith, and becoming more intentional in my prayers. Also, I love exploring different options for faith-based journals. It’s worth noting that different styles clarify and/or deepen understanding in varied ways. While I have used most of these faith-based journal ideas in my own journaling, I don’t use them all at once. Additionally, Find what works best for you with your goals and your season of life. Likewise, feel free to combine ideas or create them into something new that works for you. 

7 Faith Based Journal Ideas:

Scripture Journals: 

1. Wide Margin Scripture Journal:

Most helpfully, a Wide Margin Journal allows space for notes or illustrations of a few scriptures. Because of that, it creates a focus and a visual for the verses on each page. To read more about using a Wide Margin Scripture Journal and benefits from it CLICK HERE. While there are good options for purchasing a Wide Margin Journal, they are simple to make. Additionally, I find added benefits in creating my own. For simple instructions to make your own CLICK HERE.Wide Margin Scripture Journal

2. Verse by Verse Scripture Journal:

Studying and pondering, one verse at a time provides an opportunity to grow in understanding in a very concentrated and rewarding way.  CLICK HERE to read more about the benefits found through Verse by Verse Scripture Journal study and ideas of how to get started with it.

3. Study by Topic Scripture Journal:

Next, studying scriptures by topic involves gathering scriptures on the same or related topic, writing them down, comparing them, and thinking about them. Personally, I include this type of study in my Verse by Verse Journal; to check that out  CLICK HERE.

Faith Based Journal

4. Character Study Scripture Journal:

A Character Study Journal involves studying a person from the scriptures. For example, I like to write out their life facts, traits, actions, and what I learn from them. Additionally, I write how I can apply what I’ve learned about them to my own life. Typically, I combine a character study in the Wide Margin Journal I have created (I leave blank pages throughout were I can include character studies). 

5. Art Scripture Journal:

While there are different styles of art scriptures journals, basically it’s a scripture page that has been painted (or some other type of art medium), to create an artistic expression of a scripture or group of scriptures. Admittedly, this is the one idea on this list that I haven’t tried yet. For some ideas of what this might look like check out these links:

6. Children’s Scripture Art Journal: 

The Children’s Scripture Art Journal is a simple idea I created to further involve my children during our family scripture study. My oldest was around 9 years old when I first created them. Basically, I select a verse from each chapter of scripture we are studying for the next few weeks (you could also let them select it). Next, I type the selected scripture at the heading of a page. The rest of the page offers the kids room to color a picture of the selected scripture. Faith Based Scripture Journal

Prayer Journal:

7. Prayer Journal:

A Prayer Journal encourages becoming more intentional in prayer. Additionally, it aids in recognizing answers to prayer. To read more about prayer journaling CLICK HERE.

Intentional Prayer Journal

Have you tried any of these ideas? How have they benefited you? What additional faith-based journal ideas have you tried?

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