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What do I mean by dream journal? I’m not referring to literal dreams, rather aspirations of things you’d like to do or accomplish. These dreams can be large or small in size.

How does a dream differ from a goal? Sometimes dreams can be confused with goals as they are both things you want to aspire to. To me, a goal has a clear time frame and is actively being worked on, while a dream carries more of a someday tone. Dreams hold the possibility of becoming goals.

Why write your dreams down? From my own experience, I “shelved” (literally and figuratively) my dream journal for years. Later, I rediscovered my journal and began again. Writing dreams down is exciting and ignites energy. Keeping a record of your dreams not only encourages new dreams, it also provides a visual place to review your dreams. It encourages you to Dream Big.

Dream Big

Where do you begin with a dream journal?

  1. Start where you are at and keep it simple. When I returned to my journal, I challenged myself to create a simple list of 100 dreams (it was more challenging than it sounds). Optimistically, I planned to write my entire list of 100 dreams in one sitting; however, the last 20ish dreams on my list took longer. Finally, after returning to it over the course of several days, I finished my list! Since then I’ve added to the list.
  2. Dream Big. What do I mean by “dream big”? The dreams themselves don’t all need to be on a large scale but do add the dreams that scare you a little. Add dreams that seem out of reach. Dreaming big also includes visualizing your dreams. After you’ve made your list, describe your dreams in greater detail. It might be helpful to think of dreams in terms of years. For instance, write down dreams you might like to aspire to in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, or more.
  3. Return to your dream journal. Set aside time to look over your dreams. Additionally, add to your dream list and descriptions. Continue expanding your dreams.

Additional Tips:

You don’t actually need a dedicated dream journal to start writing your dreams down. Start in your personal journal or even a notebook. Set a number of dreams for your dream list that challenges you, but one that feels doable. It’s alright if you can’t write it out all at once; however, aim to write as many as possible at a time to help build momentum.

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