Halloween Pumpkins
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Halloween Pumpkins (NO Carving)

Easy alternatives to jack-o’-lantern carving

Carving a pumpkin for Halloween? Sometimes, I prefer to try an alternative idea to traditional jack-o’-lantern carving. While, I have no problems with dedicated jack-o’- lantern carvers and I have enjoyed carving several pumpkins over the years, sometimes, I simply want to try something new. Also, some options are less time consuming and create less mess (which appeals to me more certain years than others). If you are looking for an alternative, for whatever reason, I have a couple ideas we have tried and enjoyed as a family, over the past years:

  • Painting or coloring pumpkins. I have used acrylic paint and permanent markers. While this is a fun alternative for any age, I especially like it with little children. It provides a young child with any easy way to decorate their own pumpkin. Also, it provides a great opportunity for creativity. Additionally, it’s easy to combine with the next idea. For example, you could paint a pumpkin and  attach legs out of pipe cleaner to make a spider, or attach several googly eyes to make a monster. Have fun with it!Halloween PumpkinsHalloween Pumpkins
  • Attach something on the outside of the pumpkin to decorate it. One idea we have tried is to cover a pumpkin in bandaging to make a mummy pumpkin. Another, super simple idea is attachments you can purchase at a store. I bought the Darth Vader attachments at Target several years ago.Halloween Pumpkins no carvingHalloween Pumpkins no carving

However, you choose to decorate a pumpkin this year (if you choose to do so), I hope you enjoy the experience. Find what works best for you. Happy Halloween!

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