5 Simple Steps to Create a Family Gallery Wall
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5 Simple Steps to Create a Family Gallery Wall

Here are some easy-to-follow steps to create your own family photo gallery wall. While I have been thinking about writing this post for a while, initially I hesitated to follow through on it. One reason is that there are better curated home galleries that have already been shared. That being said, I thought other people might share a similar perspective to my approach and the steps I used proved simple to follow. Also, I really do like my result. It is what I was aiming to create.5 Simple Steps to Creating a Family Gallery Wall

5 Simple Steps:

  1. Set aside or create a space for your gallery wall. After selecting my wall space, I measured the area I wanted to use for my photo wall. Next, it was helpful for me to draw an outline of the area on a sheet of graph paper.
  2. Next, select the photos you want to use. I found it helpful to select photos by category. For instance, I wanted a family photo gallery of the different locations we have lived. Personally, I chose to focus on what stood out for me at each location rather than pictures of specific homes. Also, I included a couple of scenic pictures. Additionally, I did not limit myself to staying in the city and included nearby areas we frequented while living there. For e.g., when we lived in southern Utah our family frequented Zion National Park, so I chose a scenic photo taken there to add to my gallery. After selecting my photo category, I ordered several 4×6 photos (much more than I was planning to use), to give myself variety in selecting photos. First, I selected a couple of photos I knew I wanted to use. Next, I looked for other photos that shared similar colors (not every photo has the same colors, but I have a few colors that repeat to create some consistency).
  3. Following photo selection, choose wall frames you want to use. One of my goals in putting this project together was to keep it inexpensive. With that goal in mind, I wanted to first utilize frames I already had. That being said, there are good options to purchase sets of frames meant to use in displaying a gallery wall. To aid in selecting the frames I wanted to use, I laid out frames I already had. Also, I selected a variety of different sized frames. Because, I  started with frames I already owned, I did not try to keep my frames the same color. Also, with the frames I selected I tried to be mindful of spacing darker frames and lighter frames, so they were spread across the gallery (more on that in step 4).5 Simple Steps to Create a Family Gallery Wall
  4. Next, organize your frames and frame your photos. Remember the wall measurement in step one. Measure a space on your floor that matches that measurement. Then, arrange your gallery on the floor in the space you have measured. Importantly, keep within that space. If the space feels too crowded, consider taking a frame out or substituting it with a smaller size frame. Next, if your photos are not framed yet lay them on top of the frames you intend to use for them (even if the photos are the wrong size). Once you have your frames and photos arranged as you like them, order the correct size photos for their frame and get them framed.5 Simple Steps to Create a Family Gallery Wall

Also, if you outlined the area on graph paper (in step one), it might be helpful to measure your frames and draw their outline on additional graph paper. Next, cut the frames outlines out, and move them around on your original outlined area. While this step does take extra time, I found it easier to visualize the end result and faster in the long run.5 Simple Steps to Create a Family Gallery Wall

  1. Lastly, hang your family photos up! To make this step significantly easier, first trace the outline of your frame on large paper (like butcher paper, wrapping paper, or newspaper). Next, cut out the outline of your frame. Afterwards, with your frame laying backside up, align the paper with the frame and mark an x where the nail(s) should go. Simply tape the outlined papers on the wall in the arrangement you want them. Then, hammer the nails in through the x’s (you can hammer the nails through the paper). Next pull the paper off. Finally, hang the pictures up! Great Job! Lastly, if you need any last-minute rearranging do so now. For e.g. I changed out a frame just before hanging one of my photos that was slightly larger than the original frame, subsequently throwing off the balance a little bit, so I moved one small frame over to help balance it out.

Enjoy your family photo gallery wall and the memories they bring!5 Simple Steps to Create a Family Gallery Wall

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