Recognizing Wins, Small and Big
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Recognizing Wins, Small and Big

Recently, I started keeping a Daily Celebration Journal to help me in recognizing wins, small and big. Incorporating this journal into my routine has created an easy way for me to reflect on my day and my efforts in a positive light. Because sometimes it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are not doing enough, just taking a moment to recognize what you are doing feels renewing.

What do I mean by small and big wins?

I have chosen to define a “win” as something I have accomplished during the day. Most everything I have written down so far falls into the small win category and I am okay with that. Moreover, recognizing those small wins has been encouraging. Because big wins are easier to spot, those small wins might often go unnoticed.

Keeping your own journal, you get to decide what a small or big win looks like to you; however, I wanted to include some examples of some small wins I have included to give you an idea of how simple this can be. Some small wins I have recorded: I helped my husband put up some shelves in a room, I put LEGO sets up for display on the shelves, despite a bad hair day I still got out the door on time, I printed off the papers I have been meaning to print off, I spent one on one time with one of my kids, I made a meal plan, I exercised in the morning, I put away clean laundry, I typed up a post for my blog.

Even though these are small accomplishments, there is something about writing them down and seeing them that is encouraging. Simply put, taking the time to reflect and write those simple wins down adds awareness to what is getting done vs what is not getting done.

Recognizing Wins Big and Small

How do I use the journal?

First, I wanted to clarify that my list of small wins included above is from more than one entry. Also, while I like the goal of writing in it daily, I have not done so yet. Despite missing days, I still find it to be effective.

Starting a Daily Celebration Journal is simple. Additionally, it takes little time to incorporate into your day. As for myself, I begin by reflecting on my day and thinking over what I have done (sometimes it is as simple as a choice I made that I think might be beneficial to me or a time during the day that did not go how I wanted it to go but I still found a way to press forward). Next, I write a small list of what I have done aka my wins for the day. So far, my lists average around 4-6 wins. Personally, I do not find it necessary to write a long list to benefit from the practice. Overall, this practice only takes a few shorts minutes.

If you are looking for a quick way to bring more awareness into your day and to recognize your efforts, consider trying out a Daily Celebration Journal. What have you got to lose? As always make it your own and find what works best for you.

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