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Types of Journals

How to Navigate Your Options

With several types of journals available, you might wonder how to navigate your options. Here’s a list to help you find what might work best for you right now. While I’ve kept most of these at different times during my life, I have not kept many at the same time. Also, many of these options don’t need to take a lot of time to be beneficial. This list is intended to provide ideas of options available for journal keeping making it easier to find ideas and get started writing. If your just getting started keeping a journal it might be helpful to check out my post, When Will I Find Time to Write? for ideas to help you establish a routine.

Types of Journals:

  • Personal Journal– A written record of your life. To read about my personal reasons for keeping a personal journal check out my post, 5 Reasons I keep a Personal Journal.
  • Kids Journal– Start a journal for your child before he or she can write.
  • Dream Journal– While you could keep a journal of your literal dreams, what I’m referring to is dreams as in aspirations and goals.
  • Daily Celebration Journal– Recognize your daily efforts through recording them in a daily celebration journal.
  • Artistic Journal– This could take the place of a personal journal. While I have looked at this option, it’s one of the few I haven’t tried. I’ve heard of the idea of writing personal journal with poetic entries or forms of visual art.   
  • Hero/Take Away Journal– Who do you look up to? What have you learned from them? This journal is intended to write about what you have learned from the people you look up to and what you want to try and emulate in your own life.
  • Gratitude Journal– Use a gratitude journal to keep a record of what you are thankful for.
  • Faith Based Journals– Check out my post, 7 Faith Based Journal Ideas. I share a variety of scripture journal ideas as well as a Prayer Journal. Recently, I heard the idea of keeping a Miracle Journal. I think the Prayer Journal can double as a Miracle Journal, but I liked the idea of recording miracles that you recognize.

There are many great options available for keeping a record. This post is intended to highlight a few to help you navigate what option or options resonate with you. As always, find what works best for you.

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