Make Lunchtime More Fun

5 School Lunch Note Ideas

Make Lunchtime More Fun

These 5 school lunch note ideas might help you stay connected and make lunchtime more fun for kids that struggle with school lunch (or they might just provide a delightful occasional surprise). I’ve had a couple of kids that have struggled with school lunch (or lunch in general). While notes are not going to get them to eat their lunch better, it does give them something to look forward to at lunchtime and it’s provided me an additional way to connect with them while they are at school. Even for my kid that doesn’t struggle, I’ve used these ideas on occasions where he might pack a lunch for a field trip, hiking excursion, camp, or other occasion. Find what works best for you.

5 School Lunch Note Ideas:

  1. Napkin Notes: Write a quick note or make a simple 5 School Lunch Note Ideasdrawing on a napkin. Currently, my youngest is a beginning reader. Napkin notes work great for him. I can write super simple notes that he can read. Additionally, he likes it when I sketch simple drawings. It quite quick to write “I love you,” draw a star, or a smiley face. 
  2. Sandwich Bag Notes: Similar to napkin notes, change it up and write a message or make a funny face on a sandwich bag. Sharpies work well.
  3. Paper Notes: Include a note on a small paper, maybe a sticky note. There are many printable options of notes that are already available. This works well for kids who can read more easily. My kids have enjoyed jokes or riddles.
  4. Personalize the Lunch Bag: This idea is only an occasional 5 School Lunch Note Ideasone I use mainly for field trips. My kids use reusable bags most of the time. When they have a field trip, I’ll usually send them with a paper bag. I design their name and make their bag colorful. I keep the design a surprise until the bag is filled. Even though not all would consider this a note, it still fills that same role of connection and fun. It counts to me; so, I chose to include it.
  5. Stickers or Drawings on Peels or Wrappers: Sharpies work well to draw on most peels. While I wouldn’t draw on a fruit that you wouldn’t peel first, it can be fun to change things up and write a message on a banana or cutie peel (cuties are fun to draw jack-o-lantern faces on around Halloween). I’ve 5 School Lunch Note Ideas also done this on string cheese wrappers (Also fun for drawing seasonal drawings on: Ghost for Halloween, snowmen for winter, etc..). Stickers with or without messages stick well to some peels or snack bags.

Have fun and make it your own. Find what works best for you. For more back to school ideas, check out my post Back to School Traditions or School Year Theme.

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