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Looking to the Past

Find Connections to Your Ancestors

Looking to the Past

Find Connections to Your Ancestors

Looking to the past to find connections to your ancestors can be an enlightening experience.

A few weeks ago, at a request, I gathered information about the women in my maternal ancestry line. The project ended up being larger than I had originally thought it would be. It wasn’t difficult, but it was more involved. Having less knowledge, the further back the line went, I turned to my mom for her help. She in turn turned to her mother, my grandma.

The similarities we found in the many women going down the line was remarkable; it was more than physical similarities. I felt a connection to these amazing women. Discovering more about them with the help of my mom and grandma added to that connection. Also, I thought of my daughter’s connection to me and to the incredible women who have proceeded us.

Looking to the Past Find Connection

I am grateful to have pictures of ancestors. It helps to put a face to the memories. Also, the photos are just fun to look at and see who else looks a little bit (or a lot) like them.

I love the idea of recognizing the women from my past. I have nothing against the men. It seems that the further I look back, the less information there is in general, but more so there is less information about the women. There are some areas on my family tree where the women’s spot merely says “wife” or “Mrs. ____.” I think that is common. I am grateful for the information I do have. Learning about these women, I would like to learn more about other women down other lines.

Do you have anyone that could share memories with you of people in your past? What resources do you have? What connections have you made to your past?

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