Strategies for Easy Meal Planning
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Strategies for Easy Meal Planning

Here are a few strategies for easy meal planning that have helped me to have a meal plan ready (most of the time). I’m not perfect at meal planning, but utilizing these tools makes it easier and helps me have a meal plan most of the time.

Family Meal Planning Strategies:

  1.  First, have a place where you plan to write your plans down on. I like to use a meal planner. After years of making my own for personal use and trying other planners out that I had purchased, I put together a meal planner that has everything I use for meal planning. While you can just use a blank piece of paper, or meal board (I’ve done both in the past); I like how simple a meal planner makes meal planning. Find what works best for you. If you are interested in a ready to print planner, CLICK HERE to learn more about my favorite meal planner.

  2.   Second, decide when you want to meal plan, including how often you want to meal plan. Typically, I do my meal plans in the middle of the week. I know people who like to do theirs over the weekend- that doesn’t work well for me. I learned that through trial and error. There’s no wrong or right time to plan. Establishing a time that works well for you will help you stick to a routine. Also, how often do you want to plan? I currently plan most often for two weeks’ worth of meal planning. While I’ve found monthly and weekly to work best in the past, how often I plan has changed over different seasons of my life.

  3.   Lastly, implement time saving tools that make meal planning easier. One tool I love is quick reference lists (also included in my meal planner). I like to have a list of my family’s favorite meals that I can reference easily. Check out my post, Family Favorite Meals List for more ideas of how I use that list. Additionally, I find it helpful to have a list of quick meals and holiday meals. Also, another time saving tool could be planning a night by theme. For instance, Meatless Monday’s or Italian Night Tuesday’s. For a fun theme night idea, check out my posts Around the World Dinner and Family History Dinner.

Best wishes in meal planning. As always find and create what works best for you and your family. 

Meal Planning

My Favorite Meal Planner

Everything you need for meal planning is included in this Meal Planner Bundle. Save time and money through meal planning. Alleviate the stress from last minute meal decisions. Purchase once and use repeatedly with perpetual meal planning pages! Print and display your plan or keep your plans organized in a binder. Print as many times as you'd like for personal use.

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