• Infuse Warmth into Your Presents with Personalized Wrapping

    Personalized Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Infuse Warmth into Your Presents with Personalized Wrapping With the holiday season underway, I’m excited to share some personalized Christmas gift wrapping ideas for a memorable family celebration. Infuse warmth into your presents with these unique touches. From handmade gift tags to one-of-a-kind wrapping paper, here are four ideas to add a personal touch to your Christmas gifts. 4 Personalized Gift Wrapping Ideas: 1. Wrapping with Love: Butcher Paper Canvas Swap traditional gift wrapping for butcher paper. With butcher paper wrapping you have a blank canvas perfect for personalizing gifts through art or notes. Also, butcher paper works great for multiple art forms: painting, markers, crayons, etc.… Let the kids…

  • Halloween Pumpkins
    Family Time,  Halloween,  Holiday Fun

    Halloween Pumpkins (NO Carving)

    Carving a pumpkin for Halloween? Sometimes, I prefer to try an alternative idea to traditional jack-o'-lantern carving. While, I have no problems with dedicated jack-o’- lantern carvers and I have enjoyed carving several pumpkins over the years, sometimes, I simply want to try something new. Also, some options are less time consuming and create less mess (which appeals to me more certain years than others).

  • Expressing Gratitude
    Family Time,  Holiday Fun,  Thanksgiving

    Give Thanks

    20 Ideas for Expressing Gratitude “In every thing give thanks.” While I believe most people would agree with me that gratitude supplies joy, I think it’s fair to say that, sometimes, gratitude in every thing can feel challenging. I love the reminder to give thanks in all things. While I am grateful for my challenges, it can be hard, especially in the moment, to feel that or to keep gratitude in mind. It’s the kind of gratitude I want to pass on to my children. With that goal in mind, it’s something I’m consistently working toward. While creating a simple gratitude list is a good expression of giving thanks, there…

  • Christ Centered Easter
    Easter,  Family Time,  Holiday Fun

    Separating Easter from the Bunny

    Creating a Christ Centered Easter Why separate Easter from the Easter Bunny? My husband and I try to keep the focus of Easter less on the bunny and more Christ centered. While there are many great ideas for keeping a Christ centered Easter, one of my favorites is reserving Easter Sunday exclusively as a Christ centered day. Our family observes Christ centered Easter activities leading up to Easter Sunday; however, Easter Sunday is more greatly Christ centered. It has worked well for us. Separating the Easter bunny from Easter Sunday helps us center Easter more easily around Christ. Full Disclosure: the Easter Bunny does visit our home; however, the Easter…

  • Leprechaun Traps
    Holiday Fun,  Saint Patrick's Day

    Make a Leprechaun Trap

    Start a New Saint Patrick’s Day Tradition Making leprechaun traps has been a tradition starting in our home, since my oldest was a toddler. Originally, I had started the tradition with the intent to create a fun activity to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with our daughter (who was the only child at the time). The trap was simple: a box with shamrock stickers and a ribbon. At the time, I had no idea this tradition would continue. Before bed, March 16, we set the leprechaun trap out. First thing in the morning I had her check the trap for a leprechaun. After checking the trap, my daughter found a small…

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