• Make Lunchtime More Fun

    5 School Lunch Note Ideas

    Make Lunchtime More Fun These 5 school lunch note ideas might help you stay connected and make lunchtime more fun for kids that struggle with school lunch (or they might just provide a delightful occasional surprise). I’ve had a couple of kids that have struggled with school lunch (or lunch in general). While notes are not going to get them to eat their lunch better, it does give them something to look forward to at lunchtime and it’s provided me an additional way to connect with them while they are at school. Even for my kid that doesn’t struggle, I’ve used these ideas on occasions where he might pack a…

  • Why & How to Create a School Year Theme for Your Family

    School Year Theme

    Why & How to Create a School Year Theme for Your Family Why and how to create a school year theme for your family? First, why? Creating a family school year theme can help unite the family with a specific goal or focus for the school year. Additionally, it may encourage the kids in that goal or focus throughout the school year. The family has something common to remember and draw strength from. Also, with a united theme, the family can encourage each other in their efforts. Second, How? Start with thinking over concerns or goals you have for your kids? Have there been any new transitions from last school…

  • Back to School Traditions
    Family Time,  School

    Back to School Traditions

    Creating Back to School Memories Creating back to school traditions can lead to lasting memories. Additionally, back to school traditions may help ease that transitional time. I really enjoy having my kids’ home during summer break and I look forward to summertime. As summer draws to a close, I want to help create pleasant memories for my kids return back to school. Through creating traditions that celebrate, with the kids, their return to school, I have come to look forward to those celebrations and traditions. (It helps me prepare too.) 5 simple traditions we have enjoyed for creating back to school memories: One on One Time with Back to School…

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