• Strategies for Easy Meal Planning
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    Strategies for Easy Meal Planning Here are a few strategies for easy meal planning that have helped me to have a meal plan ready (most of the time). I’m not perfect at meal planning, but utilizing these tools makes it easier and helps me have a meal plan most of the time. Family Meal Planning Strategies:  First, have a place where you plan to write your plans down on. I like to use a meal planner. After years of making my own for personal use and trying other planners out that I had purchased, I put together a meal planner that has everything I use for meal planning. While you…

  • Create Favorite Meal List
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    Family Favorite Meals List

      Creating Your Family Favorite Meals List With a Family Favorite Meals list, putting a meal plan together that everyone (or at least most of the family) enjoys is easier. A Family Favorite Meals list is what it claims to be: a list of the family’s favorite meals. Typically, I plan two weeks worth of meals. With my Family Favorite Meals list, I simply fill in a couple days each week with a meal from the list. Doing so saves time. Moreover, I know that most of the family, if not all, will enjoy the meal. Also, I keep ingredients on hand for many of the recipes, so when we…

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