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    Moving Tips: Before and After a Move

    Part 2 of 3 in a Moving Series I’ve learned something new with each of our moves. As I write this I’m preparing for another move. I have some moving experience (This will be move 10 in our 16 years of marriage-ugghh!). Our family has always done our own moving, with the help of kind neighbors, friends, and family (when we have lived nearby). Before the Move: Start packing early. Moving seems to have a habit of speeding up as the moving date approaches. Part 1 of this series is devoted to packing. Check it out here. Keep a “to do” list. Write your list down on paper or a…

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    Packing for a Move

    Part 1 of 3 in a Moving Series Moving often feels overwhelming and packing is a big part of moving! Our family has always done our own packing, often (although, not always) with the amazing help of family (when we’ve lived nearby) who have generously donated their time to help us with the process either in entertaining young children or lending a hand to help pack (or both- thanks mom). We’ve learned a few things about packing throughout all our moves. 7 Tips for Packing See if you can find free boxes. Call local stores and ask if they have any free boxes you can come pick up. We have…

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